Our Purpose

8 Weeks of Code is an opportunity to use your design and development skills to build software that will help Bible Translators to put scripture into their own heart language.

Who You Are: You've been studying computer science or design. You care about the Bible and want people to know Jesus. You're interested in how your skills can make a difference. You want to do something important with your summer.

When: June 18th to August 10th, 2018

Where: Orlando, FL

What: In 2015 we hosted our first summer internship. Five students worked for five weeks to create Translation Recorder, an Android App that helps people without written languages translate the Bible! The program was then expanded to have twelve interns for eight weeks and every summer we've built tools that are already in use by Bible Translators around the world. This summer, YOU can be part of providing scripture to people who are desperate for God's word.

We're looking for these talents and skills:

Software Development

  • Android Mobile Application Development -- most of the world will never own a PC or Mac. But millions of people, even in the developing world, own Smart Phones and Tablets, so those are the devices we are targeting.
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript -- we live in a Web connected world. These are important skills for building browser enabled tools that can be accessed from anywhere. But we're not talking about building simple websites, we're talking Node.js, React.js, and other heavy-lifting frameworks.
  • Databases -- translating scripture creates a lot of data. What better way to organize and manage it than with a database?
  • API -- Do you know how to retrieve and send data through APIs? What about building one? The content generated with a mobile translation app will get fed into an API to publish the data so millions of Bibleless people can consume it on their own devices.

Graphic Arts

  • The best software in the world is useless if the user can't figure out how to work it. We want an awesome User Interface and that comes from people who understand that great software is beautiful and easy to use.

Whatever Talents the Lord has Given You

  • We seek the Lord's leading to help us find the right team members for this 8 week experience. If you have some skill or talent that can help build a software tool -- apply. You have nothing to lose and everything to give!
2017 Summer Interns experience what Oral to Oral translation is like
2017 Summer Interns experience what Oral to Oral translation is like
Team brainstorming
Team brainstorming