14 Month Option

If you are graduating, or willing to take a gap year away from university, you may be able to stay on after the completion of the Summer program!

The 14 month option builds on the Summer program to offer a comprehensive software development experience to qualified interns.

When: June 18th, 2018 to August 9th, 2019

Where: Orlando, FL

What: After the completion of the Summer program, a select group of two or three interns will remain on-site in Orlando and continue to work on the 8WoC project, along with other development work as needed. The "Year Team" will continue to live on campus and work alongside the Wycliffe Associates Tech Team, growing in their experience and skill level.

Year Team participants will be exposed to a variety of programming projects and environments, depending on the needs of the global Bible Translation movement. While the Year Team won't continue the planned weekend outings of the Summer program, the Year Team will have the opportunity to grow in community with other ministry minded folks, including the possibility of international travel to support Bible Translation.

During the Summer 2019 8WoC program, Year Team members will serve as daily mentors for the incoming interns. After a full year of software development we believe that the Year Team will be well equipped to provide technical and spiritual guidance.

Joining the Year Team means you get your own cubicle and some fantastic friends to work with
Joining the Year Team means you get your own cubicle and some fantastic friends to work with
Team Members discuss solutions at The Surface ©
Team Members discuss solutions at The Surface ©

14 Month Questions

What is a Gap Year?

A gap year is an opportunity for a student to use a period of time before or during their university education to get life experience. If you join the Year Team you'll be getting valuable experience as a full-time working software developer. You'll see the difference between learning in an academic environment and producing working software. And most importantly, you'll be investing your efforts in something meaningful: producing tools for the global church to scripture.

When will I find out if I am eligible for the Year Team?

We select the best applicants for 8 Weeks of Code, so it is likely that if you want to be part of the Year Team, you will be eligible. But your formal invitation will be delivered half way through the Summer. This gives you, and us, a chance to get to know each other before committing to a long-term engagement.

How do I communicate that I'm interested in the Year Team?

Click the box for "I would like to be considered for the Year Team" when you submit your application for the summer.

Is the Year Team a paid position with Wycliffe Associates?

Like the summer program, on-campus apartment housing is provided for the Year Team. At the conclusion of the Summer Program, Year Team members will be transitioned to payroll, rather than weekly cash stipend. General compensation policy can be discussed during your telephone interview and specific compensation will be negotiated when you are formally invited to stay on for the year.

Will I be offered full-time permanent employment at the conclusion of the 14 month program?

It is possible, but no guarantees can be made. Decisions about permanent employment will be made based on funding availability and performance. Year Team members may also, possibly, be invited to renew for a second year on the Year Team, also pending funding and satisfactory performance. Team Members should not presume either offer will be possible and should join the Year Team with a plan to either return to school or seek other full-time employment at the conclusion.