The Process

If God is stirring your heart to join us this summer, the first step is to fill out the application form. We'll respond within three business days to set up a phone interview. This will be a great to time ask us questions and to learn about our organization. It will also let us get to know you. We'll spend some time talking about your software development experience and skills, and most importantly your sense of calling to serve the Lord.

After the phone interview, if we decide together -- you and we -- that you are a good fit for the program, we'll call your references to ask a few simple questions.

We may ask some applicants for a technical review. We'll give you a few programming problems to work on. It's hard to evaluate someone's ability to program with just a conversation so this will be a time to show off your talents.

There are a limited number of positions open, but if you’d like the opportunity to Learn, Solve, Create, and Connect with other talented individuals to spread God’s Word through the use of technology, we’d like to meet with you!

If you have more questions and you'd rather have a conversation to explore 8 Weeks of Code, please feel free contact us. We'd love to chat!

Application Deadlines

December 31st, 2017 -- Early Application Deadline. These applications will be given highest priority and will be considered as a group. Responses and invitations will be delivered by January 20th. Some candidates may be deferred to the General Deadline after technical skills review.

March 19th, 2018 -- General Deadline. These applications will be considered as a group with responses and invitations delivered by April 13th.

May 28th, 2018 -- Late Application Deadline. Pending space availability, applications will be considered on a rolling basis with responses and invitations generally delivered within two weeks.

2017 Intern Ann Jones
2017 Intern and Year Team member Nick DiPinto

Apply to Participate

  • Tell us about yourself

  • List two or three different days and times that are good for you. The interview will be about 30 minutes.
  • (for housing purposes)
  • The program is for people aged 18 to 25. If you're outside that range there's many other ways Wycliffe Associates can help you get involved in accelerating Bible Translation. Contact Us to find out more.
  • How did you come to know Christ?
    Tell us something that God has taught you from scripture in the last few months.
    Why are you interested in 8 Weeks of Code?
  • Skills and Talents

  • List software tools, programming languages, etc. that you are good at. Let us know your proficiency level and experience.
  • Give us URLs where we can see your work, whether it's software design, web/graphic design, your GitHub account, or whatever. We would love to look at what you've done.
  • Where are you going to school, or where did you? What did you study?
  • Who knows you?

  • We'll be asking this person about your skills and talents, as well as your general work ethic and experience. Think of a previous boss, a professor, or someone you've worked closely with.
  • We'll be asking this person about your walk with Christ and your church involvement.
  • Please indicate your schools requirement/deadlines below if you wish to get internship credit (optional).